Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Michna is dropping into the loft TONIGHT at 7 PM!! This is a comeback you wont want to miss!

Michna, or Adrian Michna, went on hiatus for awhile, but boy are we pretty stoked he is back at it. His first album Magic Monday was a big hit, and took his career in many other directions, including music production for video games and film scoring. Sometimes life takes you where it wants, but we are glad he didn't forget about the music, because his sophomore album Thousand Thursday, released on Ghostly, was well worth the wait.

His new album is quite obviously a celebration of Michna's love for spirited and vibrant electronic music. He doesn't fuss with the frills of conceptual or contextual baggage. All of his influences mess together seamlessly, but with great care, and it showcases his passions and maybe even where his mind has been in the last few years. 

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