Saturday, February 7, 2015

IN-STORE: Virginia Reed TONIGHT @ 7 PM!

This evening, broody local rock n’ roll fiends, Virginia Reed will be gracing our loft in support of their new self-released record, Potential Enemies out on February 10th!

This four-piece band took their name from a photograph of a woman chief songwriter, Keith Hendrickson found while perusing an estate sale and felt he had met before in a previous life. Yikes! Scared yet? It gets worse... Turns out Virginia Reed is also the name of one of the members of the Donner Party – band names don’t get much spookier than this. But we promise Virginia Reed will draw you in and not scare you out! So come pile into our shop tonight at 7 PM and prepare for THRILLS and CHILLS as Hendrickson and co. throw down their dark and stormy dirges on our unsuspecting ears. It'll be quite the aural feast!

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