Friday, February 6, 2015


Minnow is swimming into OV TONIGHT! Come catch them!

 Minnow is an L.A based band that you really need to watch. Their self-titled album released in 2012 was recorded and pieced together from all different locations with much success, but Trembles & Temperance, released in November 2014 on Anchor Eighty Four Records, was approached a little differently.

The band placed a lot of emphasis on trying to capture the live sound and feeling on their new LP. Minnow also placed a lot more emphasis on vocal and harmony, to make an album that really flows with cohesion and ambience. But don't get me wrong, it may be more harmonious, but it still rocks. Minnow has managed with great success to smooth out the edges, without loosing the uniquely raw sound that was so welcomed on their EP.

Come on down TONIGHT at 7 PM and catch the set Minnow has prepared for the OV loft! 

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