Monday, February 2, 2015

OV WEEKLY: This Week Is As Stuffed As A Blanket Burrito!

OV Weekly makes us feel as snug as a dug in a rug. Which doesn't really work but whatever.

Monday, February 2nd
OV Presents: Banta Residency @ The Satellite!

Echo Park locals Banta have a February residency at the Satellite, and you don't want to miss it! "Banta" is like Banter, but with a British accent, because, let's be honest everything is better with an accent. Banta has heavy classic rock influences (think Fleetwood Mac), and packs fierceness and charm into every song that will make it hard for you not to groove along. Smooth folk pop-rock that will be a great way to start your week.

But thats not all!! Banta is bringing some great bands with them. Expect music from Swiss Alps, Hearty Har, Boroughs, AND DJ Brandon Young of Delta Spirit.

The doors open at 8:30 PM, and its 21 and over. ALSO IT'S FREE. So you really have no good excuse not to be there!

Tuesday, February 3rd
New Releases Are Always Emotionally Present! RCLA!

Tomorrow's Tuesday, and you know what that means -- another wave of new releases from OV! This week we've got new music from Two Gallants, All We Are and a super slick looking Go-Between's reissue! What more could you want out of a Tuesday! The full list? Well, for that you'll have to peep the blog tomorrow, but we promise it'll be worth the wait.

Once you've got that new release haul, you best be bringing your faves down to RCLA at El Prado to give it a public spin! The best place to hear what your local buds are digging, RCLA gives YOU the opportunity to spin your records and even snag a free drink in the process! The fun gets started at 9PM, so dig out those LPs and get ready for a night of great music!

Wednesday, February 4th
You Blew It! @ The Echo!

You Blew It! might be one of the last great hold-outs in the emo revival that took over the last decade. More sane than Algernon Cadwallader, less sonically-spacious than Cap'n Jazz, YBI! cherrypicks from 90's emo and indie in a fashion that many have aimed for but few have achieved. These cat-loving, taco-eating dudes have been holding it down in their native Orlando scene since February 2009 and honestly, we're all about it here at OV. Plus, how can you not like a band that produces a Blue Album cover EP and names it You Blue It!? We sure can't and that's why you'll find us doing a little emo shuffle tonight at the Echo! Come join us for a great evening of music!

Friday, February 6th
Minnow In-Store!

Minnow is an L.A based band that you really need to watch. Their self-titled album released in 2012 was recorded and pieced together from all different locations with much success, but Trembles & Temperance, released in November 2014 on Anchor Eighty Four Records, was approached a little differently. This time around, the band placed a lot of emphasis on trying to capture the live sound and feeling of rocking out. Minnow also placed a lot more emphasis on vocal and harmony, making an album that really flows with cohesion and ambience. But while Trembles & Temperance may be more harmonious, it still rocks our socks. Minnow has managed with great success to smooth out the edges, without loosing the uniquely raw sound that was so welcomed on their EP and for that, we are super stoked to see what they'll cook up in our loft tonight at 7PM!

That's it for this week friends and remember, you never have to compromise your feelings for anyone!

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