Sunday, February 15, 2015

OV PRESENTS: FOMO Fest 2015 at The Echo Today @ 3 PM!!

FOMO Fest is back at The Echo, and they are packing the house with even more great bands!!

Fomo stands for "Fear of Missing Out", and believe us, you will be missing out big time if you don't hit up this show. The Echo is packing the stage with a ton of sick local bands, and you need to be there. Trust us. It's All Ages, and tickets are still available. Expect performances from all of the following: Line & Circle, Paul Bergmann, Harriet Brown, No Parents, Talk in Tongues, Winter, Bobby London, and StaG. Don't know a ton about these bands? Well, let us give you a few details.

Line & Circle is a band that hails from the Midwest, but is currently hanging out in Echo Park. The band was started by two guys named Brian, who moved to California and met the rest of the band. You should expect simple melodic phrases and hooky ostinatos that subvert the complications of the lyrics. Their sound is dark, glittering, and nostalgic, with nods to early 4AD Dream Pop.

Paul Bergmann, local heart-throb hero, is a folk craftsman, creative and commanding right down to his core. He strives for honesty, vulnerability, and straightforwardness in his music, but that doesn't mean it is simple in any way. He is often influenced by the natural aspects of LA, and with his partnership with Fairfax recordings he is set to release some new music soon. We are chomping at the bit, and you should be patiently waiting as well.

Harriet Brown is known to bring paradisical sounds, and sensual vibes. She is creating a new kind of romantic funk where past becomes future. Check her out.

No Parents only need one phrase of description "LA based punk band", and the rest you just have to experience for yourself.

Talk in Tongues happened like the big bang : unexpectedly with great force and undeterminable drive. Their new album, set to release early in 2015 on Fairfax Recordings is an artfully done combination of  Psychedelia with a foundation in early 60s style experimentation that creates the most beautiful ambient and melodic atmosphere.

Winter is based in LA, and she lives and breathes flowery dreamy sounds.

You can call Bobby London soul, funk, blues, voodoo, witchcraft, or just a byproduct of sweat, whiskey and love. Whatever you label it, you can't deny the greatness.

StaG is a combination of pop hook, danceable electronic beats, and subtle atmospheres that create a non-stop epic emotional climax in their live performances. Unique and hard to beat.

Now that you have insight on this eclectic mix of music greatness, you better be at The Echo at 3 PM! How can you deny yourself an experience like this one?

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