Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TONIGHT: In-Store Lou Barlow/Sentridoh 7pm

Do you ever dream that it is 1987 and you are in the presence of Lou Barlow watching him perform in an awesome record store? Well tonight we are making all your dreams come true. The lo-fi legend himself,  Lou Barlow will be performing as Sentridoh, his first solo project that started in his parent's basement while he was working with Dinosaur Jr. This album, Weed Forestin, (which Barlow insists he was not high when he recorded this) is being reissued along with bonus material from Child of the Apocalypse and can be found on Sentridoh's bandcamp. Described as the most "barlow-centric" album, it was originally only released in a limited amount of cassettes in 1987 then in 1990 released on CD's by Homestead under his other high acclaimed project Sebadoh--flash forward to 2012--Weed Forestin is being released as 1,000 vinyl records, 150 double packaged CD's and 150 cassette tapes. Better get your hands on one these gems, especially since it just scored best new music on Pitchfork! See you tonight at 7pm!

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