Thursday, March 29, 2012

TONIGHT: In-Store Twin Steps + Brainstorm 6pm

Two bands in-store tonight! woah, let's get cray. Twin Steps a sample based trio representing Oakland have just released their debut EP, Serial Parade, off the San Francisco record label Cola Bruin. Known for their experimentation of beautifully blending oldies, soul, and experimental rock & roll, their first single, Pinkie Promise, illustrates this aesthetic by sampling Etta James with 60's pop guitar lines and polished vocals resulting in this six minute ride of sultry sonic bliss. Brainstorm, described as one of Portland's best kept secrets, will bring the high energy. Blending contempoary alt-rock sounds with old American Spirtuals and desert blues with dual exchange vocals, it is easy to see why they are described as all of Portlands's music scene whilred in a blender--and everyone loves a music smoothie. See you tonight!

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