Saturday, March 3, 2012

7"!7"!7"!7"!7"!7"!7"!7"!7"!7"!7"!7"!7"!7"!7"!7"!7"! (or, how we have some awesome used 7"'s for you.)

Who the hell doesn't like 7"'s? This is just the beginning of a treasure trove of used singles that we got in recently. Stay tuned!

Black Dice – Peace In The Valley 7” (VG)
Mates Of State – Beehive State 7” (GOOD)
Modest Mouse – Birds vs. Worms 7” (VG)
Modest Mouse – Blue Cadet-3, Do You Connect? 7” (GOOD)
Modest Mouse – Broke 7” (FAIR)
Modest Mouse – Other People’s Lives 7” (GOOD)
Neutral Milk Hotel – Holland, 1945 7” (VG)
Rocketship – Hey, Hey Girl 7” (GOOD)
Rocketship – Honey, I Need You (VG)
Snailhouse / Julie Doiron – Split 7” (FAIR)
The Man I Fell In Love With – The Dignity Workshop 7” (VG)
The Mooney Suzuki – Taking Me Apart 7” (GOOD)
The Smiles – Felicia EP 7” (VG)

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