Friday, March 30, 2012

Record Store Day Info!

It's almost that time, RECORD STORE DAY 2012!!! So here are some important preview deets to get you all hot and bothered:
  • we will be announcing all the details Friday, April 20 so make sure you are lucid.
  • the store will open up early on Saturday--8am--don't party too hard on Friday so you can wake up!
  • Like last year, ten people at a time will be allowed into the store to shop. We will also have people working the line to keep you updated on the store's inventory!
  • We will be having eight bands perform at The Echo!! (not echoplex)
  • There will be a listening station so you can listen to your new purchases as well a "vinyl valet" area (where you can check in your records to enjoy the show).
  • Guest DJ's spinning while you shop as well as amazing giveaways throughout the day!
  • Last but not least, this is obviously gonna be the best day ever!!!

    More details to come!

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