Sunday, September 16, 2012

MONDAY: Grizzly Bear "Shields" Listening PARTY! 8 pm!

Remember that one time you had a really great time eating glorious slices of free pizza and drinking the finest of free beverages, while listening to a really great record that resonated through your ears, and in that moment, you realized you were really really happy about how the entirety of the universe led up to this moment?? Well, you have another opportunity, cuz' that is exactly whats gonna happen here at Origami on  Monday night at 8pm for an exclusive in-store listening party for the new Grizzly Bear album "Shields", with free pizza, free give-aways, free drinks, and free jams!

Critics are acclaiming the new release as a strong follow-up from the epic 2009  Veckatimes. Whereas many bands find it difficult to follow an album that people from around the world rushed to the store to anxiously include in their personal collections, Grizzly Bear seems to have done it yet once again with "Shields".  Where Veckatimes was mostly written by Ed Droste, this album was a more collaborative effort with the band pairing off on various writing retreats to build upon one another ideas.  With uplifting dramatic musical swells combining with touch-tone perfect harmonies, "Shields"is definitely what you can expect from Grizzly Bear.

Come in and be one of the first people on the planet to hear what some are already calling "a contender for album of the year", and ALSO be one of the first to buy the album before its even released out into the mainstream world on the 18th.   Below is "Sleeping Ute" the albums opening track and is definitely a sure fire sneak peek into the awesomeness that will be Monday night . See ya at 8pm!!!!

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