Saturday, September 29, 2012

TONIGHT: In-store w/ Little Owl

No longer do you need to be ashamed of liking Rod Steward. Santa Barbara 5 piece, Little Owl proudly lists Rod the Mod as an influence. Don't ya like em already? Solidify your fondness of Little Owl TONIGHT as they play our loft at 7pm!

In late May Cool Summer Records released the band's two-song 7" that packs a condensed punch of Little Owl. Originally written on ukulele, the single "Tucked Away, Our Home Mountain" hastily brings "home the proverbial ear bacon with a joyful exuberance that would make any self-respecting mountain man do a jig, or at least take a swill of ‘shine." It has quick dance synths and electric guitar woven male and female vocals. Capture the essence that is Little Owl by listening to it right down there before you swing by OV tonight at 7pm!

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