Thursday, September 13, 2012

TODAY: Double In-store w/ Azalia Snail & N O W

Fly by OV tonight at 7pm to experience a free double in-store show from the innovative pioneers in the lo-fi movement, Azalia Snail and Kevin Litrow of N O W!

You won't be disappointed with Azalia, the original "space rock queen" who has released over 10 albums of hallucinatory "space folk" trailblazing the underground lo-fi movement of the early 1990s. Her 2011 album, Celestial Respect (out on Silber Records), combines punk, pop, psychedia, & minimalism in her own unique vibe. Check out her video for "Burnt Cookies" below.

If you dug that as much as we know ya did, get psyched on the second half of this in-store, Kevin Litrow, whose one-man band, N O W, invents a vibrant new and unique pop sound infusing electronics with the spiritual soul of gospel. With influences ranging from Sun Ra to the Beach Boys, from Can to Suicide, Kevin takes the listener on a journey to unfound sonic territory.

While the release of his upcoming album, LITRONIX, teases us on the horizon you can get acquainted with Kevin by listening to the first single "Are You New Age". We'll be expecting an answer when we see you TONIGHT in the shop at 7pm!

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