Monday, September 10, 2012

TONIGHT: In-store w/ Social Studies 7 pm!

Social Studies plays the OV loft tonight at 7pm and they're a band that takes people pleaseing to a new level -  they're entity pleasers! As Natalia Rogovin was writing the new single "Terracur" the song "was one of those songs that already feels written before you begin--we were just giving the song what it wants."

Social Studies is danceable indie rock from San Francisco that instills a frolicking sound without being sappy. In fact the new record, Developer (out November 13th on Antenna Farm Records), pitches a more polished sound than 2010's Wind Up Wooden Heart as "the themes of the album are as complex as the songs are streamlined."

Give "Terracur" 4:17 of your time and this single will give you a magical duet between Rogovin's powerful voice and the sultry guitar that will make ya wanna be the first in line to see Social Studies Monday night at 7pm!

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