Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TUESDAY: In-store w/ Dum Dum Girls!!

If "no way" is what just went through your head, all I can say is "way" because Dum Dum Girls are playing a FREE in-store show in the OV loft tonight at 7pm! The line starts at 4pm, it's early but HELL YEAH it's worth it!

End of Daze, the new EP out on Sub Pop September 25, offers a "bracing and daring sonic example of an artist evolving in their understanding of the world" as they use life new experiences to fuel their awesome fire. Despite this noticeably fine-tuned expansion of the band's songwriting ability, all the classic Dum Dum Girls elements of simple lyrics and head-bobbing bedroom pop rein true throughout the EP, sounding as immaculate as ever. These chicks are the tippy top of bi-coastal dream pop and we're stoked for them to play the OV loft!!

Impress your friends by singing along with the "gorgeous, measured, and confidently paced" single "Lord Knows" when you join us tonight!!

DON'T FORGET: the line starts at 4PM, they play at 7PM!

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