Saturday, September 8, 2012


Join us today as Echoes West Festival takes over The Echo / Echoplex, Stories Cafe & Origami Vinyl. Experience great gobs of mind-expansion from the best psych-rock L.A. has to offer.

The Echoes West Festival, curated by Sasha Vallely of Spindrift, ranges from new psych - Strangers Family Band, Wake Up Lucid, Electric Flower Group; to favs - Dead Meadow, Gram Rabbit, Spindrift; to classics - Sterling Roswell (Spacemen 3), Strawberry Alarm Clock...YES, STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK!)

As part of the fest you can come enjoy Sabrina Lawrie & Ocha La Rocha up in our loft this afternoon from 4:45pm to 6:20pm. FREE and ALL AGES!

Check them out below...and the Echoes West full schedule follows.

Sabrina Lawrie at 4:45pm
Sabrina Lawrie has been performing for over 15 years and in that time has released a large body of work. She played in many bands including LITTLE VEGAS AND THE FUZZ PARADE, TONGUE and currently THE SILVER CHORDS (L.A.). Her debut solo album ‘Night Crimes’ will be released this year. Check out her video for Another Language...

Ocha La Rocha at 6:20pm
Ocha la Rocha began in 2004 as Johnny la Rocha’s studio recording project, and evolved into a live act that debuted in 2005 to ply the music scenes of Atlanta and Los Angeles. Initially OLR paid tribute to the classic southern rock of la Rocha’s Georgia hometown, but soon absorbed the burgeoning psychedelic-country sounds of the West Coast. Ocha Lives is the culmination of 3 years work, and includ
es the contributions of accomplished supporting musicians including William Brandon (The Rock*a*Teens), Jason Anchondo (The Warlocks), Marcos Diableros (Spindrift), pedal steel master Page Waldrop, and Milton Chapman (The Hiss). Johnny la Rocha’s grainy vocals and irreverent lyrics evoke a juke joint bluesman, a libidinous southern rocker, and a tender-hearted, crooning cowboy. This unlikely mix of styles is accomplished in the skillful juxtaposition of stripped down rock songs paired with lavish, quasi-psychedelic arrangements, next to wailing country folk. The result is a debut of both lush complexity and spare vintage rock. Ocha la Rocha will eat your homework, drink your beer, smoke your weed, shag your sister, tune your guitar, fix your tube amp, deep fry your turkey and impress your parents at Sunday dinner. Check out his latest single "Heavy/Tunnels & Lines" on this sweet interactive digital turntable.


Echoplex Patio Stage
2:30pm – James Ambrose
3:15pm – Free Thee Molecules
4:00pm – Michelle Vidal

Origami Vinyl Stage
4:45pm – Sabrina Lawrie
5:35pm – Ocha La Rocha

Echo Stage
3:30pm – Enriched White
4:10pm – Daniel Aquarian Band
5:00pm – Spelltalk
5:50pm – Electric Flower Group
6:45pm – Sterling Roswell
7:50pm – Gram Rabbit

Echoplex Stage
3:15pm – Mr Elevator & The Brain Hotel
4:10pm – Wake Up Lucid
5:00pm – United Ghosts
5:50pm – Strangers Family Band
6:40pm – The Silver Chords
7:30pm – Sleep Over
8:20pm – Spindrift
9:30pm – Strawberry Alarm Clock
10:35pm – Lords of Altamont
11:40pm – Dead Meadow

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