Sunday, May 25, 2014


Tonight at 5PM, Babes will be performing up in our loft!

An LA based family of dropouts, Babes is siblings Aaron, Zach and Sarah alongside blood brothers Bryan Jeffrey and Jeffrey John. Pop progenitors of the best kind, Babes mine innocence and self-awareness in the same breath, crafting songs that'll having you mopping up tears as you shuffle your feet. Recently teaming up with Eric Wareheim of Tim & Eric for the video of their newest single "Die," Babes is moving on up in the music (and comedy) world, so you better catch 'em soon!

Touring in support of their new EP (Harvest Records), we're super stoked to have Babes perform in our loft tonight at 5 and we hope you can make it! It'll be worth it, even if a few tears are shed. See you soon!

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