Thursday, May 15, 2014

#TBT: Moses Sumney Interview

Today we're flashin' back to that time we interviewed the amazingly gifted Moses Sumney before his babe face was on the cover of LA Record, before he killed it with his sold out Bootleg residency, and before you even knew who he was!  This article made its debut in the sixth issue of OV's quarterly zine.  Now come, walk down memory lane with us!
PS You can still grab a copy of his RSD 7" "Scratch The Surface" right here!


A Moment with Moses Sumney
Interviewer: Savannah Baldalich

Moses Sumney is dangerous.  23-year-old LA singer-songwriter has an uncommon talent and fierce passion, which in combination fuel his incredible one-man show.  Sumney loops his voice to create a full and soulful wall of sound unique from most solo acts.  While this year has held huge things for Sumney, including a nod from SPIN, we're kinda thinking he's just gettin' started.

The lyrics in your songs are absolutely beautiful.  Do you feel you have a specific theme or issue you write about a majority of the time?
I just write about my experiences, but recognize while writing them that they're universal because we all kinda go through the same stuff.  Which, most of the time, is not super-sunny-happy-stuff-- most of my songs are about questionable relationships.

Why do you loop?  What is your creative process for looping?
I started looping because I don't have people who want to play music with me!  Since I don't have bandmates I needed a way to get all of the weird musical ideas out of my head.  At some point I realized it didn't sound absolutely terrible and figured I'd do it live.

What other current LA acts do you listen to? 
Well I'm really into KING, who I did a residency with at the Bootleg in June.  I just got hip to Blake Mills, who is a wonderful folk artist.  I must admit most of the current artists I like are from London.

What is your must-see for Echo Park Rising?
I'm really just gonna check out lots of bands I've not really listened to but heard good things about: Kera & The Lesbians, yOya, The Dead Ships, Avid Dancer, Body Parts, James Supercave, LA Font, White Arrows, Pangea...

And FYF Fest?
Solange!*  I think she is so utterly cool; her style is awesome.  Finally going to see Beach House!  TV on the Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Glasser, and Nosaj Thing can get it.  

*Little did he know! Moses got to play with Solange in NYC in Feb 2014!! Killin it!

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