Saturday, May 17, 2014


Tonight at 7PM, Trin Tran will be performing up in our loft!

Trin Tran is a hard man to pin down. A multi-instrumentalist with a deep dislike of the term "one-man-band," his work is made up entirely of synth, guitar and drums -- all played simultaneously by the man himself. A relatively isolated figure, Trin had been releasing music for close to a decade before his discovery and debut LP in 2012. That album, Dark Radar, featured a fractured vision of new wave and electro-punk sounds that was equally compared to Duran Duran and LCD Soundsystem in its praise. Now on Castle Face Records, Trin Tran released his newest EP Far Reaches earlier this year, continuing his singular sound and approach to composition that place him at the forefront of 2014's best artists.

So whether you're looking for a brand new sound or just wanna see a guy play three instruments at once, come on down to Origami tonight at 7PM for Trin Trin up in our loft! While you wait for tonight to come round, give a listen to "Dark Rider" below! See you soon!

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