Saturday, May 10, 2014


Tonight we've got GHIANT up in our loft at 7PM!

Donald Ian Black, the man behind GHIANT, is something of a musical chameleon. While his recorded music as GHIANT brilliantly walks the line between experimental orchestration and straight up pop, his live shows run the board from intimate singer-songwriter affairs to full-on orchestras. That's part of the reason we're so excited to see what he'll be cooking up when he stops by the OV loft tonight at 7PM! Touring alongside the release of his newest 12" A Discussion of Head Noise, we have absolutely no idea what Donald has in store for us, but we're sure we'll be blown away by whatever pop confectionaries he brews up!

So come on down to OV tonight at 7PM for a mysterious and no doubt wonderful performance by GHIANT! While you wait, give a listen to GHIANT song "Winning Single" below. See you soon!

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