Saturday, May 31, 2014

IN-STORE: The Singles TONIGHT @ 7PM!

Tonight at 7PM, The Singles will be performing up in our loft!

Every once in a while you just need a good dose of power chords and 3½ minute songs to get you through the day. That's where The Singles come in. Hitting that sweet spot between garage rock and pop harmonics, these LA rockers mine and mix different musical stylings with glee, and the result is a wonderful musical amalgam for any sort of day. Bringing their sound to the wider world with the release of their debut LP Look How Fast A Heart Can Break, The Singles are ready to fill your ears with sweet, sweet rock sounds, and we wholeheartedly approve.

So grab your leather jacket, a pair of scuffed up kicks, and roll on down to OV tonight at 7PM! While you tie those Converse, give a listen to Look How Fast A Heart Can Break's first single "Inamorata" below! See you soon!

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