Friday, May 2, 2014


Tonight at 6PM, we've got the uber-talented patten in our loft for a special DJ set!

A London-based producer and musician, patten has been releasing forward thinking electronic music since 2006, steadily gaining buzz and fans for his play on BoC-esque experimental landscapes and intense live performances. Largely unclassifiable (and semi-anonymous), patten has been all-over the underground world map, a point demonstrated masterfully on his newest release ESTOILE NAIANT, out on Warp. Constantly undermining rhythmic expectations, ESTOILE NAIANT is a deep exploration of build and (no) release electronic music, with each listen bringing forward entirely new soundscapes.

Given patten's track record and sound, we're super intrigued by the thought of his live set and hope you can come scratch (and nod) your heads with us tonight at 6PM! While you wait, check out ESTOILE NAIANT track "Drift" below. See you soon!

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