Sunday, August 3, 2014

IN-STORE: Alden Penner TONIGHT @ 5PM!

Alright fanboys, fangirls, fanpeople - today is a big day. Alden Penner is in-store at 5pm.

Actually...right now in general is a big time.
After roughly a decade of hiatus, rumors and waiting in what seemed to be vain (seriously, check out the tears on some big things happened.

Alden Penner (The Unicorns, Clues, All Makes Parts & Collision) and Nick Thorburn (Unicorns, Islands) have done the unthinkable and come together for a grip of tour dates as The Unicorns - including shows at LA's Forum Theater in conjunction with their Canadian cronies, Arcade Fire. This comes shortly after the remaster and re-release of The Unicorns LP that started it all, Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?
Alright, enough about The Unicorns - this isn't even about them.

Penner has been making plenty of his own waves in his projects; Clues as well as his self-titled effort which just released a full album, Exegesis.

He's IN-STORE with us today at 5pm and though Exegesis is currently only available online...he may have brought with him some Clues pressings. Get on over here!

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