Monday, August 18, 2014

OV WEEKLY: The Quiet Before The FYF Storm

Damn Echo Park Rising was good. And now FYF is less than a week away? Things are pretty good. Especially since OV Weekly is here!

Monday, August 18th
Tete @ The Echo!

Making sure your summer keeps on rocking, The Echo have recruited local shoegazers Tete to cleanse you weekly from the grime of hot August days. Self-described as a "cult memory of My Bloody Valentine," Tete mix drone, shoegaze, metal and a taste for gummy worms into a sonic infiltration unit whose only goal is to blow you away. It's a beautiful noise when it all comes together and we hope we can see y'all there every Monday this summer! The guitars start wailing at 9PM, so make sure you aren't late!

Tuesday, August 19th
New Releases Are A Gift Unlike Any Other! The Muffs Take Over RCLA!

Need something to do before the weekend? How about giving some new records a spin? This week we've got an awesome Julia Holter reissue, Benjamin Booker's smokin' hot debut LP, and the return of affordability to The Eels. A pretty good haul all around. Peep the blog in the AM for the full list!

After you've got all the vinyl goodies you can handle, stop by El Prado tonight for an RCLA event for the books: The Muffs Whoop Dee Doo album premiere party!

With Whoop Dee Doo, The Muffs return with their first album in over a decade and we are so stoked to spin it for ya first! As with every Muffs album, front-woman Kim Shattuck sticks close to her garage rock roots, showcasing everything that has made The Muffs one of our favorite female-led bands ever and a OV shop staple! Not only will we be listening to the album in its entirety, but The Muffs will also be there hanging out and spinning some records of their own! As with previous RCLAs, each purchase of Whoop Dee Doo will also come with a free drank as our little thank you. (The other rewarding aspect of the evening will come from Emily's inability to form words).

Not only are The Muffs going to be hanging out, but so are our homies Donut Friend! Fellow Muffs fans, they are just as excited as us for The Muffs new album, and to celebrate, they'll be giving away FREE DONUTS all night!! We love Donut Friend, and with one bite into their out-of-this-world alt-rock confections will have you pinching yourself in delight. It's sure to be an awesome evening with great music, friends and food, so you don't really have an excuse dude, come on down to El Prado at 9PM!

Wednesday, August 20th
Planning For The New Release Future!

So with all the hullabaloo going on with EPR and FYF, we gotta make sure you know what's coming on the pre-order radar so you can snag those limited 7"s and posters before it's too late! So here's a quick little breakdown of everything we've got coming down the OV pipe!

Foxygen - ...And Star Power (Ltd. Button & Matchbook)
Benjamin Booker - S/T (Ltd. Red 7" & Button Set)
Pharmakon - Bestial Burder (Ltd. Red Vinyl)
Goat - Commune (Loser Edition on Translucent Red & Blue Vinyl w/ Bonus 7")
The Rentals - Lost In Alphaville (Ltd. Coke Bottle Clear vinyl)

Thursday, August 21st
Benjamin Booker @ The Echo! The Zombies + Mystic Braves @ Santa Monica Pier!

After premiering his awesome debut LP last week, we are definitely gonna be seeing Benjamin Booker tonight when he takes the Echo by force! Hailing from the great city of New Orleans, Benjamin Booker is an up-and-coming artist that you don't want to miss out on. Like, for real. With his own brand of growling, high energy NOLA rock, Booker knows how to kick some serious butt.

Also on tap: As part of Santa Monica's awesome FREE summer concert series, OV alum Mystic Braves will be joining The Zombies at the pier this Thursday night! Talk about a double bill, huh? If you haven't heard of Mystic Braves, well then you ought to, because these dudes craft some of the grooviest, psychedelic jams that we know of. Their 2014 LP Desert Island has been one of our favorite local records of the year and we are super stoked to hear them alongside the stupidly legendary Zombies. Which by the way, if you haven't heard of them, we suggest buying Odyssey and Oracle, a dark room, some good headphones, and dedicating about a week of listening time. Anyways, tonight at the pier is gonna be awesome and we can't wait to see you there when Mystic Braves & The Zombies take the stage!

Saturday, August 23rd

Hell yeah. For this year's FYF extravaganza, OV is going all out, bringing practically the whole shop with us alongside some kickass goodies and events. Check out the preliminary funsies below and keep you eyes peel for more OV x FYF news!

First up, we're gonna get you some free goodies: If you've checked out our Insta lately, then you've seen our exclusive tote that we did in collaboration with Vans with art by the talented Michael C. Hsiung and printing by Everybodies Stomached. Pretty slick lookin' ain't it? The first 250 people each day who shop at our tent at the Fest will be goin' home with one of these babies!

What to carry in that rockin' tote? How about a signed record of your favorite FYF artist? Expanding our signings from last year, we've got an awesome slate of FYF homies lined up to fawn over and giggle excitedly. Wanna know who they are? I'd give a peek at the blog tomorrow morning! It's gonna be an awesome lineup!

Lastly, OV will be closed Friday-Monday in service of FYF. We don't wanna leave you hanging, so come slap us some high fives at the festival instead!

For that news and much much more, keep your eyes peeled on our blog, Facebook & Twitter. It's gonna be a great weekend!

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