Tuesday, August 5, 2014

OV PRESENTS: Mother @ The Bootleg, 8:30 PM!

After straight selling out their last LA show, friends of Origami, Mother, are throwing down tonight at the Bootleg! Ticket info HERE!

 A bit of a super group, Mother is composed of Simon Oscroft (guitarist of the LA band, NO), Jimmy Giannopoulos (the producer behind Lolawolf, Reputante) and Darren Will (Rathborne’s bassist) and actor Penn Badgley (aka Jeff Buckley from the biopic Greetings from Tim Buckley).

The band rocketed into our consciousness with the release (and subsequent blow-up) of their first single, “Easy,” a slick, midnight synth-pop tune with a unique amount of analog integrity. According to a recent interview, Giannopoulos claims, “I program all the beats with samples from old records, and 808s, and Oberheim DMX drum machines, then for the rest of the parts, we use an actual Prophet, an actual Moog. If a sound is manipulated, it's through pedals.” Legit.

Though they’ve released two more singles since, the band has been reluctant to release a full LP (though its been said that they have an album’s worth of tunes ready to go). Come see Mother at the Bootleg and pick of one of the custom, hand-stenciled posters by our very own EMILY TWOMBLY...here she is!

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