Friday, August 1, 2014


You feel that? Dead Dawn are coming like a cold sweat to our loft for an in-store performance tonight at 7PM!

Said to have been birthed in an old house in Echo Park back in the summer of 2010, Dead Dawn fittingly titled their debut release, I Heart LA. Sarcastic? Perhaps, but the band appear to be sincere advocates of the Los Angeles underground.

Their latest, self-titled LP builds off of their older material with a grip of LA specific heavy, dusk laden rock. In songs like “The Woods,” “No Easy Way Out of Hollywood,” and “Dear Papi,” the verses brood and bide with Fawn’s fragmented chords plucked listlessly beneath vocalist China Morbosa’s chilled, monotone mantras. The deliberate, glowering vocals make for sturdy melodies, occasionally cracking (never fracturing) into salvos of barks (“Circus Song”) and howls (“The Howling”). When questioned on lyrical themes, Morbosa cited, “the struggle of existing in a capitalistic society [and] the lives and lifestyles that are unpublicized or misinterpreted by the media.” What to expect tonight? Morbosa refers fondly to their live experience as “a bloody, sweaty, uproar of emotion.”

Are you down yet? Tight. Check them out below and then check them out in-store tonight at 7!

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