Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Come on down to record club tonight @ 9 PM at El Prado for the premiere of the new The Muffs album!

The Muffs represent punk rock at its finest and are at it again with a new album titled, Whoop Dee Doo released today! With power chords and throaty screams, front-woman Kim Shattuck sticks close to her garage rock roots in their newest album, showcasing exciting new songs that hold true to the original sound of The Muffs. This release is the bands first album in over a decade and we're super stoked to share it! Not only will we be listening to the album in its entirety, but The Muffs will also be there hanging out and spinning some vinyl! The new record will be available tonight and as a "thank you" for purchasing it we'll buy you a drank!

Not only are The Muffs going to be hanging out, but so are our homies Donut Friend! They're so excited about this new album too that they're going to be giving away FREE DONUTS! If you're not familiar with donut friend, we love them! They will be supplying us with awesome vegan donuts named after famous bands.

So come on down to El Prado tonight @ 9PM for an awesome time!

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