Saturday, November 15, 2014

RECORD CLUB: Ugly Organ Listening Party @ Record Club TONIGHT!

The Ugly Organ Listening Party is taking over Record Club THIS TUESDAY at El Prado, and you better believe its going to be SICK! 

The Ugly Organ is a concept album, as you may well known, that revolves around a plot of fallout remorse and sexual meandering. Its full of ornate and eerie tones that will creep out of your speakers in the best sort of melancholy fashion. 

Cursive is set to release the DELUXE extended reissue of The Ugly Organ via Saddle Creek on November 24th, but you can pick up your copy at Record Club first or pre-order the reissue HERE

It comes with EIGHT, thats right eight, new tracks, extensive liner notes with rare photos, original artwork and so much more! Can it get any better? OF COURSE!! We'll be selling the album at Record Club with the limited edition screen printed poster. In addition, if you pick it up tonight, we'll buy you a beer! 

What are you waiting for?? We'll meet you at El Prado @ 9 PM! 

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