Monday, November 10, 2014

OV WEEKLY: November Madness Is Here To Stay!

We're over the moon with what's coming up at OV -- it's gonna be a wild and crazy month, so keep your eyes peeled for all the OV action!

Monday, November 10th
Wartime Recitals Residency @ The Echo!

And then to top it all off, Monday 11/17, we're gonna be having a wild 'n' out pizza party in the shop featuring ARIEL PINK BRANDED PIZZAS courtesy of Two Boots! Which is literally the best collectible item we can think of and we expect to see these suckers go for thousands in 2024. Alongside pizza, we'll also have the embodiment of pinkness in the shop when L.A celeb and notorious Corvette driver Angelyne drops by from 5-8PM. So to recap, that's Ariel Pink, drinks + pizzas, and a 1980s Barbie doll look alike all breathing the same OV air. Plus music and special guests to make things even sweeter. It's gonna be pure bacchanalian madness, and by golly WE'RE PUMPED. You better make it here dude, this is gonna be a thing you tell your grandkids about.

Tuesday, November 11th
Ugly Organ Listening Party @ RCLA!

As huge Cursive fans we were so stoked to hear that Cursive was releasing a deluxe extended reissue of their classic The Ugly Organ LP via Saddle Creek this November, so you can imagine our excitement when we were presenting the opportunity to premiere it at RCLA. Yes you read that right -- tonight at El Prado, RCLA will be rocking out to Cursive's crushingly beautiful sounds and

 but you can hear it at Record Club FIRST! Don't forget to Pre-Order the reissue HERE.The Ugly Organ Listening Party is taking over Record Club THIS TUESDAY al El Prado, and you better believe its going to be SICK! The Ugly Organ is a concept album, as you may well known, that revolves around a plot of fallout remorse and sexual meandering. Its full of ornate and eerie tones that will creep out of your speakers in the best sort of melancholy fashion.

Wednesday, November 12th
Twin Peaks @ The Echo!

Returning after a kickass FYF set, tonight Twin Peaks take over the Echo with their wild brand of Chicago garage punk and we're ready to get crazy with them all over again! A quick addition to our faves bin post-FYF, Twin Peaks have been ripping up the music press with their new release Wild Onion, out on Grand Jury, and look ready to headline big venues after this tour! Featuring toe-tapping hooks that turn into burn-the-place-down garage songs, Twin Peaks is the perfect way to get over those hump day blues and we hope we can get down with Twin Peaks and YOU tonight at The Echo!

Thursday, November 14th
Keeping Up With The Ariel Pink-ians!

In case you missed our earlier blog post, November is pretty much Ariel Pink month at OV with all the awesome events we've got going on in support of Ariel's new record pom pom. Alongside our record listening party at RCLA, we're also gonna be presenting an crazy Ariel Pink themed limo ride and a bananas release party in the shop with Two Boots! And of course we've got the record for pre-order in our online shop! Check the deets on our full blow-out blog post or visualize them with this awesome graphic courtesy of AP himself! See you in the shop!

Friday, November 14th
SFV Acid In-Store @ 7PM! Sub Pop Postal Service Screening!

OV's got you covered all day long with an SFV Acid in-store and a Postal Service screening in Burbank!

Zane Reynolds, of SFV Acid, is well known for his funky, mixed electronic beats, and he is bringing a little of his unique vibe into OV! Better yet, a customized MPC will be auctioned off at the event. This MPC has been displayed in store all week but will also be viewable tonight. BUT WAIT! There's more! SFV Acid is not only stopping by for a performance and bringing prizes, but is also potentially showing up with some food trucks and ice-cream!

The funds from this project from will go to support Young Producers Group in their attempt to teach students across Los Angeles the art of production and electronic music. Founder Lawrence Grey has made it a mission to provide classes and education to students through after school and in school programs throughout the LA county. We admire his passion for the genre, and we feel that he is the perfect candidate for the project. He is constantly looking for funding for studio rentals and new equipment for the students. Feel free to learn more about his work here.

After SFV Acid, check out Sub Pop's one-night-only screening of The Postal Service’s "Everything Will Change" documentary concert film and our own Sub Pop themed pop-up shop at the Town Center 6 theatre in Burbank! In case you haven't heard, "Everyhting Will Change" is The Postal Service's feature-length documentary concert film of their performances at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, CA, captured over two nights (July 26th & 27th, 2013) during their reunion tour. Filmed with super expensive cameras and featuring amazing live material, "Everything Will Change" looks to be an amazing look back on the life of Postal Service and hope you can join us in support of Sub Pop at the one-night only event!

Saturday, November 15th
Single Mothers In-Store @ 7PM! Psychedelic Furs + The Lemonheads @ Fonda Theatre!

Single Mothers broke up in 2009, and have been playing together ever since. Their drunk, scab-peeling punk combined with shout-out lyrics makes them a real crowd pleaser. And believe us, this band isn't afraid to talk about anything. Single Mothers is raw, gritty, OG punk. Two minute punk masterpieces, just like it should be.

After years of internal conflict, the band has finally completed their debut album Negative Qualities on HXC Recordings and Dine Alone. Lyrical topics include: asshole drunks, hypocrites, god, snobs, and more. Single Mothers hasn't forgotten to make a comment on anything controversial here, and definitely isn't concerned with PC dinner conversation topics. You need to be at OV for this one.

After Single Mothers at OV, join us for a crazy good double bill at the Fonda: The Psychedelic Furs & The Lemonheads! 80s and 90s veterans, these two acts are tough to find apart, but even more so with a double bill like this one! If you were to dissect the alternative rock dominating todays music, youll find that much of it pays homage to The Psychedelic Furs. Led by vocalist and songwriter Richard Butler, and his bass-wielding brother Tim, the Furs won over fans and critics alike by combining poetic lyrics, innovative rhythms and melodies driven by an aggressive, punk desperation. The Lemonheads have also had a major impact on indie music as we know it, beginning as a 80s punk band and growing to a college rock mainstay throughout the 90s with hits like "Mrs. Robinson" and "It's A Shame About Ray". Now together on the same stage at the Fonda, we're super stoked to see these two legendary bands on stage at once! Catch us at the Fonda at 9PM!

Now that we've planned your week, you better search your wardrobe for that perfect pink boa. We're expecting you to get dressed up for Tuesday y'know.

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