Monday, November 17, 2014

OV WEEKLY: Not Ready To Die, But Definitely Ready To Nap

Oof. We're tired. Good thing OV Weekly's here to wake us up from our snuggly puppy reverie!

Monday, November 17th
Ariel Pink Pizza Party TONIGHT @ OV!

It's been a crazy pom pom themed couple weeks at OV, and here we are at the end, ready for the last hurrah. What is it you ask? Uh well basically, tonight @ 5PM we're having a wild 'n' out pizza party in the shop featuring ARIEL PINK BRANDED PIZZAS courtesy of Two Boots! Which is literally the best collectible item we can think of and we expect to see these suckers go for thousands in 2024. Alongside pizza, we'll also have the embodiment of pinkness in the shop when L.A celeb and notorious Corvette driver Angelyne drops by from 5-8PM. So to recap, that's Ariel Pink, drinks + pizzas, and a 1980s Barbie doll look alike all breathing the same OV air. Plus music and special guests to make things even sweeter. It's gonna be pure bacchanalian madness, and by golly WE'RE PUMPED. You better make it here dude, this is gonna be a thing you tell your grandkids about.

Tuesday, November 18th
Ugly Organ Listening Party @ RCLA!

As huge Cursive fans, we were so stoked to hear that Cursive was releasing a deluxe extended reissue of their classic The Ugly Organ LP via Saddle Creek this November, so you can imagine our excitement when we were presented the opportunity to premiere it at RCLA! Yes you read that right -- tonight at El Prado, RCLA will be rocking out to Cursive's crushingly beautiful sounds, and you're invited! While it may not be the cheeriest outing, it certainly is not one to miss and we hope to raise a glass with you over lost loves and heartbreak. Don't wanna be left reminiscing on what could've been? Then grab the pre-order in our store and ensure musical heartbreak lands on your doorstep this week!

Wednesday, November 19th
Cold Specks @ The Echo!

Like an off-label industrial process or cult ritual conducted in the dead of night, an artery flowing open in spurts or a complex society on the verge of collapse, Cold Specks' Neuroplasticity is both terrifying and morbidly enthralling to witness. Having returned after two years and a world map of tours following 2012's I Predict a Graceful Expulsion, tonight's the night to see 26 year-old Canadian singer under the sobriquet Al Spx rare talent and depth of feeling live on stage as the Echo. Breathlessly described and received overseas, Cold Specks are looking to conquer American airwaves and we fully expect them to begin their ascension tonight at The Echo!

Thursday, November 20th
Celestial Shore In-Store @ 6:30PM!

Celestial Shore is finally making the trek from Brooklyn to the West Coast, and oh boy, and we glad to have them at OV! This bare bones, no frills band really knows how to rock. You can dance to it, or just jam to it, but either way this band is going to wiggle their way into your heart and your Fall Playlist. Their recently released album Enter Ghost, released on Hometapes, is direct and confrontational, just how we like 'em. So catch them while they are exploring the West Coast, before NYC calls them home! The show gets started at 6:30, which may be confusing for OV regulars, but we know you can manage it!

Friday, November 21st
Morgan Delt @ The Echo!

Awwww yeah. We love seeing OV faves live, and in the case of Morgan Delt, we've been waiting a while. Progenitors of one of our favorite psych records of the year, Morgan Delt's self-titled goes down rabbit holes with glee, trending upwards, inwards and outwards all at once. It's a super heady album that never manages to be overwrought, sending out waves of psych distortion that remind us of the better part of L.A heat waves. As one of OV's own put it: "Frantic, unrelenting and slightly unhinged, this record blares and blinks at you like one big psychedelic carnival. Don't be afraid to get lost." However, you should be afraid on missing out on this show, so you better get ready quick for tonight's show at The Echo!

Now that we've planned your week, make sure to get more than 7 hours of sleep a night! It's really necessary to healthy living!!

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