Saturday, November 1, 2014


Get Ready Here they Come!

Amason is stopping by OV tonight at 7 PM for an In-Store, and believe us you want to be here.

The sweet Swedes of Amason have been making music together since late 2012, and ever since the release of their self-entitled EP in August of 2013 people have been begging for an album. We will all have to wait a little longer for their debut album Sky City, which is set to release worldwide in early 2015.

But, to tide us over in the meantime, the band has just released the single "Duvan" on Fairfax Recordings and INGRID, and man, do we want more. Amanda, the female vocalist, has a soothing retro vibe, mixed with just the right amount of synth while being supported by catchy beats and soothing vibes that will calm you right down after a long day. The sound is sultry, and inviting. Amason has created a wonderful and enticing concoction, especially with the combination of english and swedish lyrics, that is very unique to the scandinavian five-piece. All of the members have their own very impressive musical talents and projects, but when they get together, Amason is a force to be reckoned with.

You WILL regret it if you miss this one! Catch them stateside while you can!

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