Sunday, November 9, 2014


Come check out Cave Clove TONIGHT @ 4 PM!

 Closing out a busy week at OV, the Oakland grown band of babes Cave Clove is rolling through! Sensuous and hazy, Cave Clove's desert-fried Americana is the perfect soundtrack to a quiet Sunday afternoon at OV. A four piece psych-folk ensemble, Cave Clove also plays with traditional Americana, soul, and R&B sensibilities. In combination with their obvious rock 'n' roll chops, Cave Clove's unique mix of genres creates a stellar sound that is all their own.
Headlined by their soulful harmonies and liquid guitar solos, Cave Clove represents another chapter in the ever-evolving book of Americana. In support of their newest 7" Kyrie, released on Royal Oakie Records, we're stoked what to see what Cave Clove brings to the loft and hope you can join us for some afternoon music right here at OV!

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