Sunday, March 8, 2015

EVENT ALERT: Will Butler Premiere Party TODAY @ 3 PM!!

Are you chomping at the bit to hear Will Butler's new album? Don't think you can wait until the 10th?

Well now you don't have too! There will be a listening party TODAY at 3 PM for Policy, set to release March 10th on Merge Records. You may know Will Butler better as part of Arcade Fire, but after his first solo album drops, it just may be the other way around. He presents his album as in line with the tradition of "American Music", think Violent Femmes and Bob Dylan but at the same time, not like that. Will Butler puts his own unique twist on the American tradition of rock and roll, he modernizes it, makes it hip. He flirts with synthesizers and new wave on one track, and then hits you with old school funk mixed with digital bleats and spoken word on the next. You simply can't put his creativity in a box, and we like it that way.

He wants this record to be the one that helps make people still be excited about him when he is 80, and here at Origami, we think he hit it right on the mark. So join us for an early listen, check out the album artwork (because its sick) and don't be late. Once you hear it, you'll need to own it.

See You At 3 PM!!!

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