Saturday, March 14, 2015

IN-STORE: The Title Trackers TONIGHT @ 4 PM!!

Have you ever wondered what it might have sounded like if your favorite artists had written a Title Track for one of their albums?

Well, The Title Trackers are here to show you! As the name may suggest, the Title Trackers take classic albums without a title track, and come up with parody songs of what that title track may have sounded like.

What started off as a project to make each other laugh, turned into something much more for the Title Trackers. Lost Title Tracks released on March 10th is funny, but thats not all it is. It isn't nostalgic or an imitation of classic bands, its raw, energetic, off the cut, and passionate. The Lost Title Tracks amply shows how the greats influence musicians, but with a satyric twist on the larger than life personalities and quirks of musical heroes.

There is a story behind every song. Lost Title Tracks will conjure more than just humor. Check it out TONIGHT at 4 PM!! 

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