Wednesday, March 18, 2015

IN-STORE: RedRumsey TODAY @ 7 PM!!

RedRumsey is swinging into the loft today at 7 PM, you should too!!

RedRumsey, hailing from Olympia Washington,  has been a project of Vern Rumsey for some time now, yet never the priority when Unwound and Long Hind Legs were around. Vern has been writing songs and playing them on RedRumsey on and off since 2000. RedRumsey became an outlet for Vern to turn to, never on the front burner but never dying. RedRumsey is a collaboration: sometimes an acoustic solo, sometimes with electronics, sometimes with guest players, or even all three. Vern claims that RedRumsey is a more organic version of Long Hind Legs, and its a band he now wants to prioritize.

RedRumsey wants to make a lasting experience, and something that is unique and new every time you see them live. The Compass Rose EP is hot off the press, just being released on March 8th. What's even cooler? Its limited edition, only 100 made, and the covers are eco-friendly and hand stamped. These EPs are straight from the heart of Vernon Rumsey.

Why not start your list of experiences with RedRumsey today?? It's going to be one for the books!

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