Sunday, March 8, 2015


We feel real bad that we forget to get you flowers on your birthday, so we are bringing you an even better kind of Bouquet at the loft TONIGHT!

Bouquet can really only be described as a kaleidoscope pop duo. As a pair, they manage to create a warm and uniquely inviting feeling. You can feel their immersive sound pulsing through your veins because of their intricate use of sweet delicate harmonies, a mass of guitar, trembling synthesizers, and the vibrations of old-school rhythm machines. Bouquet manages to mix a healthy blend of post-punk wonders, dulcet sensibilities, and synth symphonies.

Their new album In A Dream is set to co-release with Ulrike Records and Folktale Records on March 31st. So maybe if we are lucky they will give us a sneak peek. We sure hope so! This is an in-store you won't want to miss. The OV family can't wait to have the store reverberate with the beautiful intricacies that Bouquet has in store for us tonight.

6 PM. Be There.

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