Saturday, March 21, 2015

IN-STORE: The Bloodhounds TONIGHT @ 7 PM!!!

Get ready for some rock in the loft!

Hailing from East LA, The Bloodhounds have mixed together their own unique sound, and its something that you won't hear anywhere else! Imagine a little bit of Blues, R&B, rock n' roll, a hint of latin groove, and a little bit of a punk edge.

The Bloodhounds can often be found on the streets of LA, delighting large crowds with their signature sounds and homemade instruments from household items. Their blues-belching debut album, Let Loose!, released on Alive Records is making waves all over Los Angeles. The Bloodhounds are a bit of anomaly today in the pro-tools electronic era of bands today, they have found the true spirit of 60s rock n' roll with real soul and rhythm.

If you don't know them, you should. Catch them TONIGHT rockin' OV at 7 PM!! Don't be late!

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