Monday, April 9, 2012

NEW RELEASES TO MAKE YOUR GREEK EASTER ONE TO REMEMBER (I couldn't think of anything except lamb today!! sorry... love, Sean)

Dear readers, here are some rad records that came out today:
Alabama Shakes - Boys & Girls

M. Ward - A Wasteland Companion

Princeton - Remembrance Of Things To Come

Black Dice - Mr. Impossible

Real Estate - Easy 7"

Elvis - Elvis Presley (Reissue)

Also, for those of you who like cool things, we're teaming up with Hit City U.S.A. for the month of April. To celebrate the release of the extremely new & ridiculously good Princeton LP "Remembrance Of Things To Come" we're offering 20% off all Hit City U.S.A. vinyl in the shop. Just look for the red palm tree and you'll know yr getting some rad shit on the cheap.

Act now and when you buy the new Princeton record you'll get a free 7"...FOR FREE!!!!

Here's what else we've got...
Superhumanoids - Urgency (This is out of print!!)
Superhumanoids - Parasite Paradise
Papa - A Good Woman Is Hard To Find
The Franks - Duh 7"
Lord Huron - Into The Sun 7"

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