Monday, April 30, 2012

TONIGHT: In-Store Melpo Mene 7pm

A worldwide love affair has begun with the dreamy, Swedish sounds of Melpo Mene. From Stockholm to Paris and New York City to Los Angeles, Melpo has shared the stage with other such prolific artists such as Bon Iver, Loney Dear, Jose Gonzalez, and more. His much anticipated third full-length album, Behind the Trees, offers a uniquely evolved sound, undeniably marking his most mature songwriting to date. “The songs were not written with an album in mind,” Melpo states, “they were the result of something like a diary in an uphill period. No matter the mood of the fuel put into this album this time, I wanted the songs to point upwards and stay encouraging. I believe the only reason a person can enjoy a dark corner is fear of light.”

Melpo's music brilliantly marries image and sound, having earned him placements in a worldwide Volvo commercial and television shows such as Bored To Death and Breaking Bad. Melpo's past album, Bring the Lions Out, enticed Brooklyn Vegan to name Melpo's music "hella addictive." This is proven by his recordings on Behind the Trees, which explore a deep electronic pulse more than ever before. Behind the Trees features warm analog synths, atmospheric guitars, and ventures into new territory and a different sound. This is the third full-length album from Melpo Mene in four years, and as he continued his evolution in music, we can expect amazement over and over again.

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