Monday, April 16, 2012

Record Store Day 2012 - Races

Did you know that Origami Vinyl is having a big show in honor of Record Store Day?? Of course you did! In addition to in-store giveaways, DJs, and record store day exclusives, we'll be throwing a little party over at The Echo and it is highly recommended that you go! The show is free, all ages, and features performances by 8 bands!! RACES will be gracing the stage at 5pm and, let me tell you, I am very stoked. RACES (formerly Black Jesus) is one of Origami's fave local bands at the moment and their recent debut "Year of the Witch" (Frenchkiss Records) is highly recommended.

RACES exists as a result of artistic rebirth and personal rediscovery, but it all starts at a point in Wade Ryff’s life where motivation was at its most scarce.  Disillusioned with music, beset with the bitter ending of a relationship with a real life witch and faced with the overwhelming stagnation of being a 23-year old in the sleepy suburban outpost of Van Nuys, during that time, Ryff wrote the pleading lyrics of “Big Broom” in the bathroom of his parents house. He explains the song’s message as “accepting that every ending is a new beginning, and even if we may have no control over when things are given or taken from us, we can always choose how to respond.” Whether he realized it or not at the time, it would serve as a mission statement for a handful of musicians in the area who were also idling through their 20’s and desperate for a new beginning. Still, nothing could anticipate it all coming together for Year Of The Witch, a life-affirming document forged from the pain of a time when life feels most uncertain and coming out of it renewed.

Definitely check these guys out on 4/21! It'll be a fun set. See you on Record Store Day...

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