Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Record Store Day 2012 - All Tiny Creatures

Did you know that Origami Vinyl is having a free show at the Echo for Record Store Day? Some pretty cool bands are playing, including today's highlight - All Tiny Creatures.

Stacked melodies, distorted organs, stretched chords, reimagined vocals: Collections of Colonies of Bees/ Volcano Choir multi-instrumentalist Thomas Wincek drops his Emotional Joystick handle for the glorious themes of All Tiny Creatures. Based in Madison Wisconsin, ATC released their record Harbors last year on Hometapes to rather positive feedback.

Harbors defines its artists and has the power to further define its listener. It’s meticulous and soulful. The building blocks of the record were whittled from looped and freestanding sounds democratically created by synthesis, guitars, and percussion.  Harbors is an album of transformative repetition, of music that travels freely between the left and right brain. It pulls from the same well (with a new bucket) as their Krautrock and Minimalist forebears (guys like Steve Reich, Terry Riley, and Manuel Göttsching) and even the greater history of rhythmic percussion found the world over. The record also features a number of impressive guest vocalists including Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Roberto Carlos Lange (Helado Negro & Epstein), Phil Cook, Brad Cook, and Joe Westerlund (Megafaun), Ryan Olcott (12 Rods, Mystery Palace), Matthew Byars (The Caribbean), and Jennifer Fitzpatrick (a scientist and Andrew’s wife).

We hope to see you for Record Store Day on 4/21! Going to be a blast.

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