Friday, April 13, 2012

Record Store Day 2012 - Electric Flower Group

Here's a band you won't want to miss on Record Store Day. The band is known as Electric Flower Group and they freaking rock!! They played an in-store at Origami Vinyl a few weeks ago and killed it! They'll be playing the Echo for free on 4/21 as a part of OV's Record Store Day 2012 celebration. You best be there!

The Electric Flower Group consists of Los Angeles locals, Imaad Wasif (guitar/vox) and Josh Garza (drums) pertaining to a style best described as "part motorik and part psychedelic." According to their bio, the duo are on a journey through a modern kaleidoscope of rock 'n' roll, transcending mainstream influence and incorporating strong minimalist elements into their modern psychedelic music.  In Garza’s pummeling beats and Wasif’s vocal and guitar exorcisms, we are not listening to just two men, but to an orchestra of the damned.  EFG wakes the ghosts of rock's most daring days, while never following them.

The second EP from Electric Flower Group (out now on Narnack Records) finds the visceral realist duo expanding their sound beyond the rawness of their first EP to explore the dimensions of depth and width. This EP is proof that music today can be Cinematic and Conceptual without the complications of Over-Instrumentation as demonstrated within the Modern Overarching Epic. Conversely, it moves against the wake of new-fangled blues stomp rock and the limits of its obligatory two-piece bands.  Side two of the EP is dedicated to a cover of Scott Walker’s dark symphonic ode to S&M, “The Electrician,” done to such effect that it cuts to the core of the original, its primitive brightness reaching far out into other corner.

Well there you have it. See you on 4/21!


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