Saturday, May 12, 2012

Did you say.... MORE USED VINYL?!?!

Ahh yeeeaaah. Get em while they're hot!

!!! - Me & Giuliani Down By The Schoolyard (A True Story) 12" Promo VG
Agent Orange - When You Least Expect It…            Good
Archers Of Loaf - Vitus Tinnitus 10"                        VG
Bad Brains - I Against I          VG
The Beach Boys         Best Of…       VG
The Beatles - 1962-1966        VG
Beatles            Revolver          VG
Black Flag - Slip It In Good
Black Flag - In My Head        VG
Black Sabbath - S/T    VG
Blue Ontario - New Frequencies        VG
Boys Life / Christie Front Drive - Split 10"   VG
Butterglory - Are you Building          VG
Butterglory - Rat Tat Tat       VG
Camper Van Beethoven - Key Lime Pie         VG
Can - Prehistoric Future         VG-Sealed
Christie Front Drive - S/T      VG
Colosseum - Those Who Are About To Die  VG
Come - String 10"       VG-Sealed
Crackerbash - Tin Toy 10"     VG
Creeper Lagoon - Wonderfu l Love    VG
Creeper Lagoon - I Become    VG
Dandy Warhols - Thirteen Tales Of Urban Bohemia VG
DEVO - Duty Now For The Future  VG
Donovan - Greatest Hits        VG
Echo & The Bunnymen - People Are Strange 12”     VG
Embrace - ST  VG
Frank Black - The Black Sessions      VG
Galaxie 500 - On Fire              Good
Gore - Mean Man's Dream     Good
Gossip - Music For Men       VG
Lenny Bruce - The Real Lenny Bruce            Good
Lenny Bruce - I Am Not a Nut          VG
Rob Crow - Living Well          VG
Sebadoh - Smash Your Head   VG
Shellac - Excellent Italian Greyhound            VG
Spiritualized - Amazing Grace 12"     VG
The Darkness - Permission To Land  VG
The Darkness - One Way Ticket        VG
The Grifters - Full Blown Possession            VG-Sealed
The Grifters - The Kingdom 10"        VG
The Grifters - Eureka EP        VG

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