Thursday, May 3, 2012

TONIGHT: Carina Round in-store 7pm

In-store in-store in-store!! Come on down to your local Origami Vinyl TONIGHT for a free all-ages performance by Carina Round! The show is going on at 7pm sharp!

 Carina Round has carved a singular path in music with her inimitable voice and stirringly varied compositions. Her uncompromising vision and thrilling versatility has garnered an immensely passionate fan base including a myriad of highly regarded musicians.  Hailing from England, Carina had an innate determination and passion for music from an early age, which led her to record and self-release her first two albums, ‘First Blood Mystery’ and ‘The Disconnection’ (later re-released on Interscope). The former shaped by erratic yet engaging sounds drawing from her love of legends Patti Smith, Tom Waits and Jeff Buckley. The latter took those influences into much more powerful and personal realms.

Carina’s new album, “Tigermending,” is being released May 1st 2012 through her label Dehisce* and distributed through The Orchard. Produced with Grammy nominated writer Dan Burns, Carina collaborated with some notable champions including the legendary Dave Stewart, Brian Eno, and Smashing Pumpkins’ front man Billy Corgan.  She released ‘The Last Time’ single featuring Sierra Swan along with a Puscifer remix of ‘Girl and the Ghost' on Limited Edition 7” Vinyl at the end of last year.  

So we'll see you tonight at 7pm! Have a great day.... 

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