Thursday, May 31, 2012

TONIGHT: In-Store w/ Death Songs 7pm!!

Nick Delffs the man behind Death Songs chose such a name knowing that every song could potentially be his last--now that may seem kinda morbid and a bummer but sonically it produces the antithesis of that ideal. While the lyrical content somewhat represents this realistic view of life and death, it is something that is not overtly present and in your face but rather simple undertone that adds an unconventional mortal beauty to music. This self-titled Death Songs EP was released last year but Death Songs formed in Portland in the Summer of 2007 and released a self-titled cassette in 2009. Originally forming between Nicholas and Nathan Delffs when their other, more widely known band, The Shaky Hands were not touring or recording. Nathan has since left, but currently Justin Power completes the duo. See you tonight! Let's get weird.

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