Friday, May 18, 2012

Origami Vinyl + Echo Park Art Walk 2012 = FUN

I love community events, reminds me that Los Angeles is real--anyways before I start to get sentimental--this Saturday May 19 is Echo Park PDA (public displays of art) Art Walk and your favorite community record shop (OV duh) is participating in the fun! There is going to be SO MANY cool things to do/see so make sure to pick up a map and enjoy all the great things about a neighborhood event! Heck, even make an all day party out of it and spend sometime getting to know your local businesses while celebrating all aspects of art! Origami Vinyl will be having an in-store performance by Alexandra and the Starlight Band at 8pm, a delightful and soulful way to end your night (or continue the fun)! Also artwork from Owleyes will be on display inside the shop and maybe even a guest appearance by Mr.Owleyes himself?? We love being part of this community and look forward to tomorrow!

Some more info to get you pumped: Echo Park Art Walk Website
Alexandra and the Starlight Band
Owleyes Website

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