Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sigur Ros "Valtari" Listening Party...RIGHT HERE at 7pm!!!

Today is a very special day! We have the incredible pleasure of new music from Sigur Ros!!  At 7pm, at Origami, we're going to be listening to an advance copy of their highly anticipated new album Valtari. We've got the usual shwag...posters, high fives, camaraderie. Come down and join us for what will definitely be an incredible listen.

Now if you're like us and CRAZY BUSY then you may not be able to make it down here...which is okay...we'll miss you but we understand. In order to help you out we're going to be having a virtual listening party right here!! At 7pm, instead of throwing on your clogs and high five hand, tune in right here (here being the OV blog) and you'll find a fun little widget that will give you a private sneak peak into your favorite hopelandic gangs latest outing.

Valtari!! Valtari Valtari!!

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