Friday, June 14, 2013

EL ELLE In-Store Tonight @ 7pm!

Tonight, at 7pm, we will be having an in-store performance from LA/SF based musician EL ELLE. Are you ready?!?!

"The Full-Length debut EL ELLE album is an eclectic batch of vocal-driven songs that explores a variety of musical expressions of the unstable love condition. From the hyper-danceable Astral Plain, to druggy psychedelic double ballad, Honey, I’m Home, to a chilling post- Phil Collins Heartbeat, over to Iceland where the B-52’s harmonies ethereally disclaim the virtues of Euro Girls, and closing with a Brian Eno ambient and Tibetan bowls - inspired meditation drone, Glam Tram. Sometimes Fun, sometimes Strange, EL ELLE always strives for the true expression of an emotional moment. The instrumentation is bass, guitar, analog synths, layered vocals, live and sampled drums, and violin. A few magical moments by guitarist Mason Lindahl, and also by experimental electronic artist, Wobbly, enhance the otherwise singularly executed pieces by Ms. Light."

Aren't you in for a freakin' treat, because we've got the video for "Heartbeat" off of EL ELLE's self titled debut album, and we think you are going to dig the aerobics in the video. Check it out!

Heartbeat (EL ELLE 2011) from el elle on Vimeo.

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