Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lakookala In-Store Tonight @ 7pm!

Los Angeles is full of musical gems, and we have another one in-store tonight to sparkle and rock for you. LA's very own Lakookala will perform in our loft tonight at 7pm as the opening show of her release tour for her new 7" FFU - out and in store today!

This one-woman band of Nicole Ranalli (vocals/drums) rocks atop her "drum throne," banging and belting out songs with convoluted shades of punk, pop, and goth. She's been compared to "Alison Mossheart from the Kills...[and] PJ Harvey [if she] tried to redo PiL's Flowers of Romance" by LA Record.

Her dramatic and dark style is one to behold, so we're excited to have her (and you!) in-store tonight at 7pm! For now, prepare yourself with "Light a Match, Watch it Burn" off her EP, Songs of ZeMean; it's all sorts of rad.

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