Friday, June 28, 2013

TONIGHT: OV Presents Baths @ the El Rey @ 8PM!

Did this sick poster catch your eye? It should, because the designer of this exceptional piece of graphic genius is also one of LA's finest young composers and falsettos, Baths. And, we're proud to have OV present Baths tonight at the El Rey at 8PM.

Baths, comprised of Will Wiesenfeld hailing from Chatsworth, CA, debuted his debut album, Cerulean, on Anticon in 2011. Cerulean was a beautifully starry amalgamation of post-modern pop and the LA electronic scene. After a year of touring, Will returned home to start work on his sophomore album only to become bedridden due to a bout with E.Coli. He was unable to eat, let alone make music. However, he recovered and returned with his new album Obsidian.

Obsidian earned "Best New Music" from Pitchfork, with them describing the album as "lap-pop intimacy...[with] unsteady, quavering vocals, the shock is in hearing him make a complete heel turn, fearlessly operating like someone absolved of personal repercussion or culpability: He pursues every gnarly musical idea, every perverted lyric." I couldn't agree more.

Check out my favorite track from Obsidian, "No Eyes," and get hooked on the raw, perverse power of Baths. We'll see you at the El Rey tonight at 8PM!

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