Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Simone White In-Store @ 7pm!

Hey Hey Hey! We have an in-store tonight with LA-based singer Simone White at 7pm! Won't you join us?

"[Simone White] gets innovative on her impressive third album. ...built around electronic textures and sparse percussion, with White's gently yielding, half-spoken vocals pitched, pleasingly, equidistant between Laurie Anderson and Joni Mitchell. It's not all Spartan fare; the title track, an ostensibly folky duet with Andrew Bird, surfs a hum of woozy electronics and makes room for Steve Reich-like interleaved string pizzicatos and heavily treated drums, while Big Dreams And The Headlines summons a sudden, soaring chorus from the pervading spell-like quietude."

We have the official video for "What The Devil Brings," and I can guarantee you that he isn't bringing anything bad with this track.

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